11 May 2013

In the After; Demitria Lunetta

 In the After In the After by Demitria Lunetta
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Yet another dystopia, this one set just After the big event (alien invasion) and going forward a few years. Our Heroine, unnamed for most of the book but called Amy, survives mostly because she's living in a house that has an electric fence powered by solar energy (dad was eco-conscious) and has learned to be very, very quiet. She adopts/saves Baby, a toddler, and together they scavenge for goods, speak in modified sign language and try to live in the After. Then they meet a girl who ultimately betrays them and their save haven, and while on the run they get captured by a group of humans living in what is supposed to be the only haven left. And as we all know from these types of books, that haven will be a mixture of safe and despotic, with jobs assigned (ditto relationships), etc..

For all the lack of imagination, this was interesting in the depiction of the life that Amy and Baby make as they try to survive. When they rejoin "society", Baby's reactions are the most real: her horror and discomfort at the noise these humans make, her wanting to be with people her own age and affinity for animals were all what one would expect of a 6-year-old in that situation. Amy's life, on the other hand, was predictable (and the intercuts to her in the Ward? thanks, but, well...)  And, sigh, it's a series.

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