08 May 2013

In the Body of the World; Eve Ensler

In the Body of the World: A MemoirIn the Body of the World: A Memoir by Eve Ensler
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I know there'll be a lot of "what is she thinking" comments about this review, because there is Much Love for this memoir. So here's why I couldn't really finish it - remember, this is one opinion, one reader. YMMV!

Whenever I read someone's memoir about their battle with cancer, I wonder why they wrote it: was this catharsis? is there something for others to learn from their story? did they get the book contract because they're famous? In this case, it's a famous person getting a cathartic release from writing; Ensler has made that her career touchstone, with her Vagina Monologues coming from her being raped and abused by her father. So there's the biggest problem for me, I didn't learn anything and didn't really care about this particular famous person's cancer.

Then there's the writing. Many blurbs and review talk about how honest and unflinching the writing is. That's possibly true. It's also elliptical writing, almost stream of consciousness, which I do not respond to in the same way I respond to more straightforward writing.

Ensler's referring to her causes (the Congo campaign and City of Joy) was interesting, and perhaps more of that would have kept me reading.

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