29 May 2013

Maybe Tonight; Bridie Clark

Maybe Tonight?Maybe Tonight? by Bridie Clark
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I suppose creating a "choose your own adventure"-type book for teens is a good idea - they just weren't my favorite when they first came out, probably because I like more linear stories.

The plot is pretty simple: "you" are a girl from poor background somehow gets accepted to The Most Prestigious Prep School in America (without an interview or campus visit? unlikely, but this is fiction, so...) and is roommates with three girls who will clearly be the leaders of the school as seniors. There's an illegal, after hours party in the woods and thus the adventure commences. Do you go to the party? Do you go after your BFF's boyfriend? Do you go to the diner with the dweeby guy (who happens to have a movie star cousin)? etc..

The different storylines don't end up in the same place, which was nice, but they don't all flow together either. I wonder if they'd been written first, then chopped up poorly because some transitions didn't quite work.

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