22 June 2013

Broken Skin; Stuart MacBride

Broken Skin (Logan McRae, Book 3)Broken Skin by Stuart MacBride
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It's always nice when the hero is human, isn't it? And DS Logan McRae is definitely human, as are the people around him. He's struggling with work - trying to get out from working with DI Steel, avoiding doing all the scut work for her and DI Insch - and struggling with his relationship with Jackie and how much he can trust her. He's also realizing that he sort of misses his sort of friendship with Colin Miller, soon-to-be-father to the child McRae's ex is carrying and the victim of a brutal defingering because of a mistake that McRae made.

And then there's the caseload! Usually mysteries revolve around one case, with other ones brought in that seem to be unrelated but somehow are. Here, not every case is related, which makes a nice change. The big case, the rapes of several girls, has nothing to do with the break-ins, the BDSM case or the murderous eight-year-old. Even those last are loosely tied together. It's a lot of balls to juggle, but McRae (and MacBride) do it well.

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