23 June 2013

Buried; Mark Billingham

Buried (Tom Thorne, #6)Buried by Mark Billingham
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Being a little generous here, as the ending really made this a 3.5 not a 4.

Once again, DI Thorne is out of his "home", this time working on a kidnapping case (last time he was sleeping rough while trying to find out who was killing homeless people). There are several problems with this case, the least of which is that the kidnappee's father is a former policeman. Who, of course, is hiding something. And of course Thorne starts digging where he perhaps shouldn't, but then he starts Finding Things Out and, well... result. I did have one sneaking suspicion while reading that turned out to be a nonstarter, but the whodunnit part was a bit annoying. I'm not saying I want every clue laid out, but this was even more hidden than usual. We also get a secondary mystery that seems unrelated, but when you're reading books like this you know that they somehow are - the fun/trick is to guess how.

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