21 June 2013

Cold Granite; Stuart MacBride

Cold Granite (Logan McRae, #1)Cold Granite by Stuart MacBride
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

One of my friends moved and in the process downsized his book collection - I ended up with nearly complete collections of Stuart MacBride and Mark Billingham. Of course I dived right in!

Dying Light is set in Aberdeen, grittier and rainier than Edinburgh. DC Logan McRae has just returned to duty after a serious in-the-line-of-duty injury and, well, already things are going wrong: young (age 4) children are going missing, then turning up dead. Yes, children. McRae has other problems, too, in that the higher-ups don't love him and for some reason are constantly trying to keep him down (or fire him). And a local journalist seems to be making him into a Local Hero, which doesn't help matters. The weather plays a real role here, and at one point a character mentions that it rains All.Year.Long. Yes, there's some of McRae's personal life, but unlike some writers, this is tangential to the mystery and we don't spend a lot of time dissecting his mental state.

There's something about Scottish mysteries that's just appealing. Ian Rankin... Kate Atkinson... and now Stuart MacBride. Ok, enough reviewing. Back to reading.

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