26 June 2013

Dark Blood; Stuart MacBride

Dark Blood (Logan McRae, #6)Dark Blood by Stuart MacBride
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Whew! Less gruesome than the previous few MacBrides!

Logan is in a dark place here: drinking a lot, a seven month losing streak, bad attitude, etc. Who self-nominates to give him the "pick up your socks" speech? Yep, DI Steel. I'm really enjoying watching their relationship develop, and maybe it's me, but she's kind of growing on me, awful hair and all. Again there are several cases to juggle, including burglary, counterfeit money (and goods) and a body buried in the cement slab of a new housing development (one that just so happens to be part of Malk the Knife's empire). How McRae gets involved with all of them is interesting, as is the peek into the "Wee Hoose" he and the other DS' share. It would be even more interesting to see if DCI Finnie, DI Steel and the others dump on them as much as they do on McRae.

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