22 June 2013

Lazybones; Mark Billingham

Lazybones (Tom Thorne, #3)Lazybones by Mark Billingham
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

God, Tom is a sad sack kind of guy, isn't he? Not just the lone wolf investigator, he's also a complete mess in his personal life! In Lazybones he's done worse for himself than usual, although we only find that out at the end. It's difficult to cheer on the police if they're chasing a vigilante, and DI Thorne's doing just that. Several recently released sex offenders are being raped and murdered: where's the bad in that? The question is who, and why these people. Of course he's not quite following the rules, but that's Thorne's style. And then there's Eve, proprietress of a flower shop, who is tangential to the investigation and becoming something in his life... if only he wouldn't let the job interfere.

Once again, this is a darker look at London. It was interesting to see a Cold Case squad being formed and playing a role, but that may have something to do with my appreciation for the "New Tricks" tv series. Pity that side fades out early; I'll have to hope it reappears in future books.

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