12 July 2013

Bloodline; Mark Billingham

Bloodline (Tom Thorne, #8)Bloodline by Mark Billingham
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Talk about nature, not nurture: a serial killer's son is killing the children of the people Dear Old Dad killed. I loved that Carol Chamberlain was back (Waking the Dead is even namechecked) and plays a real role here. The twist about who Tony Garvey is was a little telegraphed, but his reasons weren't... of course, I could have been reading into the author's intentions, but I think I was right about the ultimate why.

Again, this is less gruesome than earlier Thornes. The soap opera parts, with colleagues and Louise, are kept largely off screen (yay). One old face, Spike, makes a cameo and it'd be nice if other do the same. London's not that big, is it?

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