29 July 2013

Chimera; David Wellington

Chimera: A Jim Chapel MissionChimera: A Jim Chapel Mission by David Wellington
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Not sure if I like the combination political thriller/medical thriller genre, but Chimera isn't a bad example. We have a former Army Ranger,Jim Chapel, sidelined to a desk job because he lost an arm in Afghanistan, seconded to a Top Secret Agency (or two) because - no surprise - he's the only one who can possibly do the job that needs being done. All information about the job are Need To Know, and, well, he doesn't. Oh, and no surprise: he goes rogue. Often.

In this case, there's some so-secret-noone-has-heard-of-it facility in the Catskills - no one goes in, no one goes out. Then a drone or something helps the inhabitants (if there are any) escape. Not only do they escape, they escape with a hit list. Our Hero's job is to find these escapees and neutralize them (preferably "with extreme prejudice"). And off we go, racing against time and several highly motivated killers... who just so happen to be virtually unstoppable.

Along the way Chapel picks up some help, including a Penelope Garcia-esque woman he nicknames Angel (my mind immediately went to "Charlie's Angels", because we never meet Angel, only hear her voice). The characters are pretty stereotypical and the action predictable, but that's one of the things you go into this type of book knowing. Still enjoyable.

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