29 July 2013

Chocolates for Breakfast; Pamela Moore

Chocolates for BreakfastChocolates for Breakfast by Pamela Moore
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Not really sure what to think about this re-release of a book from the 1960s because the writing was so uneven. Example? In the first few pages, we get Courtney's point-of-view as "'Oh God,' thought Courtney..." as well as a very distant "The girl was trying to..." Huh? That sort of flipping happens all to frequently here. Later in the book there's this gem, "Time proceeded with timelessness."

As for the plot, perhaps this would have been more shocking had I read it when it first came out. But today, following books like Prep? Or most YA/NA fiction dealing with the whole Upper East Side growing-up arc? It felt bland and less shocking than intended. Courtney's sex life and drinking at 15/16 are rather normal for many in that milieu. Perhaps with writing that wasn't quite so forced, the story might have shone.

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