17 July 2013

In Falling Snow; Mary-Rose MacColl

In Falling SnowIn Falling Snow by Mary-Rose MacColl
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I got this as an eARC, and the more I think about it, the less I like them. Here's the problem: 25% of the way through, I didn't really care about the characters. There was too much digression into the lives of Iris (both in WWI France and 1970s Australia) and Grace. I don't mind time-shifting, but my guess is that this was in many ways supposed to mimic Iris' memories flitting from one thing to the other, but the overall effect was just jumbled. If I'd had this as a print ARC, I could easily have flipped through and seen if things came together, if it was worth sticking with. I can't do that with the eARC because it's just not set up for that kind of skimming. So, instead, this was a DNF.

I'm also wondering why WWI France is suddenly in vogue? This is the second book I've read, and fifth or sixth that I've heard about, set then. And because of that time setting, the "modern day" stuff needed to be in the 70s (the 60th anniversary of Iris' time there). Again, why? Because authors don't need to take modern technology into account? What am I missing?

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