10 July 2013

Shatter the Bones; Stuart MacBride

Shatter The Bones (Logan McRae, #7)Shatter The Bones by Stuart MacBride
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Finally! DS McRae becomes DI McRae... wonder how long this lasts.

There's a version of Idol/Voice/NextBigThing singing competition on, and the top contenders - a mother/daughter team singing in honor of their husband/father who was killed in Iraq - have been kidnapped. Since they're from Aberdeen, of course Grampian's finest get to deal with it. This time, there's national pressure as the nation rallies to raise the ransom money, as well as holding endless rallies and releasing cover versions of the cover version of "Wind Beneath My Wings". Toes are cut off... wrong trees barked up... you know the drill. And then there's a drug bust that goes wrong, very wrong.

The critical moments come twice, once when Logan and Samantha's apartment is set on fire, and Samantha critically injured in escaping and then later when Logan terrifies a man (who turns out not to have set the fire). By the end, he's hallucinating/dreaming about Samantha's recovery and wondering if he really wants to remain on the force.

And curtain.

Can't wait to see what happens. next.

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