23 July 2013

The Chaos of Stars; Kiersten White

The Chaos of StarsThe Chaos of Stars by Kiersten White
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Such promise... but ultimately, a pedestrian romance mixed with Egyptian mythology. Isadora isn't a half-breed, she's full-blooded, daughter of Isis and Osiris, raised in Egypt with her uncle Toth, grandmother Nut and all the gang. When Isis gets pregnant (four years early) and starts having dreams/presentiments about danger, it's decided that Isadora will be safest in San Diego. Luckily, gods have gifts for language, so there's no nasty accent to deal with. While in San Diego Isadora actually starts to make friends, and develops a crush on Ry - short for Orion - who's impossibly good looking and, oh yeah, seems to have a thing about languages.

The romance part is, well, ordinary. It's the Egyptian mythology part that makes this interesting and sadly, there's not enough of that. Learning Isis' story as "dear old Mom" was a good way to go over the myth! Although how Isadora is supposed to "pass" as normal when she swears by using "floods" and "Amen-Re" all the time is beyond me.

One fun part that wasn't as teased out as I'd have liked: the idea that gods only exist when people remember/believe in them. Of course, Pratchett did talk about that in Hogfather (who doesn't believe in the Oh God! of Hangovers?) but more of that, please.

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