02 July 2013

The Door Within; Wayne Thomas Batson

The Door Within (The Door Within, #1)The Door Within by Wayne Thomas Batson
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Interesting premise, but the execution was a little flawed and obvious. Bored/lonely/misunderstood boy ends up in a land very unlike our own, one with rules and quests and Experiences.  Read it before, right?  Aiden's entry to the Realm comes via mysterious scrolls, which was an interesting device.  More on that would have been nice.  I also loved the idea that within the Realm each human has a doppelganger Glimpse and their lives in some way are tied together (although they never meet). But beyond that, I wasn't impressed.

Perhaps one of the reasons I was less impressed was that this seems to have been formulaicly written to meet some Accelerated Reader criteria (literally - the AR logo and that of Renaissance Learning appear on the book).  Sigh.  Another reason was that there were weird uses of italics: in some cases, they denoted internal thoughts, in others vocabulary words like quarterstaff.  Sigh again.

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