02 July 2013

The Dying Hours; Mark Billingham

The Dying HoursThe Dying Hours by Mark Billingham
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Having read the first seven DI Thorne's in only a few days (intermixed with the DS McRae books by MacBride), I was thrilled to actually meet Mark Billingham and get a personalized ARC of the 11th book. Squee! /fangirl moment

Newly demoted Inspector Thorne is now walking - well, driving - the beat, managing other "regular" police as they patrol. He's also in charge of a lot of paperwork. Yay. And then there's his domestic situation, living (mostly) with Helen and her son. One night there's a dual suicide that for some reason just doesn't feel right. You know, that hunch thing. That thing that all too frequently gets Thorne into trouble... Despite being relegated to South London, he gets his friends Holland, Kitson and Hendricks to help investigate what is clearly not a real murder. Need I go further? There's less whodunnit here than there is a whydunnit and a "will they get him".

The later books are less bleak than the earlier ones, which I have mixed feelings about. It is nice to have the characters show some growth, but not so much that this veers into soap territory - nor has the cast become unweildly large. For some reason this was a faster read than the previous ones. Luckily for me, I still have books 8-10 to read while he writes Book 12.

ARC provided by publisher.

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