30 July 2013

The Lavender Garden; Lucinda Riley

The Lavender GardenThe Lavender Garden by Lucinda Riley
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

In some ways, this reminded me of Code Name, Verity (in that there's a spy-girl in France component), and in others Rebecca and others in the "who the heck did I marry?" genre. We have two stories, one Emilie's life after her mother's death and the other her father and grandmother-in-law's time during World War II in the Resistance. The stories are both relatively predictable, hence the lower star rating than I'd otherwise give this book. And again, in order to give the story the WWII focus, the "modern" era has to be in the 1990s.

Riley does a good job of evoking both eras, although at the beginning there's a little too much "tell" when "show" would do just as well. One thing that did interest me was the use of the internet in France; when I was in library school (mid 90s) one of the things I did research on involved French booksellers, and it was clear that the country was not as online as others. Also, perhaps I'm misremembering things, but were laptops that common in France then? It just felt a little off...

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