20 August 2013

Dead and Buried; Stephen Booth

Dead and BuriedDead and Buried by Stephen Booth
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Better than the last two books regarding the Cooper/Fry interactions, but this definitely had a whiff of Elizabeth George's With No One as Witness about the ending.

The moors are on fire (never a good thing) and of course there are things uncovered where they burn. Additionally, there's a man's body found in a pub that closed recently - his last phone call referred to Dante's ninth circle of Hell. There are two investigations, one into the recently uncovered effects of two people who disappeared two and a half years previously (led by Cooper) and the other into the recent body (led by Fry, on secondment from the Major Crimes Unit). The two investigations are necessarily intertwined, with bad results.

I'm still very unsure where Booth is going with the Cooper/Fry (and now Villers) relationship, let alone why he's led it into such a dark, estranged place. At times it feels as though he doesn't really like Fry, and in this book it occasionally felt that he doesn't really like Cooper, either. Which is really quite odd, when you think about it.

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