08 August 2013

Loteria; Mario Alberto Zambrano

Lotería: A NovelLotería by Mario Alberto Zambrano
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is getting much love and it's mostly deserved (of course, being me, I have a quibble or two).

At first, it's not clear what happened to bring Luz to a youth home (not a foster home, which surprised me). Slowly, though her journal writing, we learn about her home life, her alcoholic father, the physical violence he inflicted on her, her sister and her mother, and what happened to everyone. This is the third book I've read this year where a main character has embraced silence and this is the least effective use of that tactic (quibble number one). The home violence will certainly bother many readers, as will Luz' determination to be with her father but some people do love their abuser.

My other quibble is about the Lotería itself. The cards and dichos used in the game weren't fully explained - that bothered me. Perhaps other readers won't mind!

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