27 August 2013

Never Come Back; David J. Bell

Never Come BackNever Come Back by David J. Bell
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This mystery had me until the very end - it was one twist too many for my tastes. Elizabeth's mother is killed (strangled) and the investigation at first focuses on Ronnie, her Down Syndrome brother. Is he capable of killing? And if so, would he understand the implications of his actions? The police are not particularly helpful or communicative to Elizabeth, which seems a bit odd given the concerns about Ronnie's condition - and why didn't she immediately get a lawyer to take care of him? Then there's Uncle Paul, who from the start has secrets we know he's not sharing. Another Elizabeth appears, someone not known to the first Elizabeth and yet somehow knows her mother well enough to get one third of the estate.

There are twists and turns up through almost literally the last page. I don't mind last minute revelations but the sheer number of them concerned me. It almost felt as though the author had two stories he wanted to tell and didn't know how best to tell them, or that he didn't know how to plot out one really good mystery because there was something else he also wanted to tell us.

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