19 August 2013

The Devil's Edge; Stephen Booth

The Devil's EdgeThe Devil's Edge by Stephen Booth
My rating: 78666">4 of 5 stars

A slight return to form, but I'm starting to suspect that the author doesn't know what to do with the Cooper/Fry relationship. Ben is busy investigating the break-in/death of a homeowner in a very upscale village, Diane has been seconded to some interagency task force (as though that's going to go well).

The village of Riddings is quite confusing, with lots of large, walled/hedged off miniestates. As always holds true in these types of villages, each home houses many secrets and it's up to Fry to figure out which are relevant. And there's a nosy "neighborhood watch" guy who we all know knows more than he's saying *and* will come to no good end. I wished that there had been some twist to that part of the story but, well, no. A map would definitely have helped, as knowing which property abuts which and who could possibly have seen what are critical to the plot.

Cooper's promotion seems to be working well, and the author is nudging Gavin Murphy out the door while bringing in Carol Villers - is he also moving to more of a Cooper/Villers partnership and easing Diane Fry out?

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