09 September 2013

The Dark Winter; David Mark

The Dark Winter (Aector McAvoy, #1)The Dark Winter by David Mark
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Hull, England is probably not a city most of us think about when we think of England. Setting a mystery there (and I'm guessing this will become a series) is somewhat bold, but also a good choice since most readers won't have some preconceived notion of what the city should be like. Our Hero, Aector McAvoy (you can call him Hector) is a paler version of Mark Billingham's Thorne and Stuart MacBride's MacRae - not quite as flawed, not quite as radical, not quite as... well, real. He does have hunches, though, and a strong sense of justice.

In this book he's on the case of a young girl (15) brutally stabbed and murdered in Church during Eventide when he's called to speak with the sister of an older man who apparently committed suicide by riding off to sea in a lifeboat in the seas near Iceland. Then there's a drunk who dies in a house fire. Connected? And if so, how?

There's promise here in terms of setting and darkness (which I love), but there's still a way to go before we hit Billigham/MacBride territory.

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