12 October 2013

Jack Glass; Adam Roberts

Jack GlassJack Glass by Adam Roberts
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

The first third of this book was interesting: not the locked-door mystery that the jacket promises, but a good read all the same. A group of prisoners are left in a sealed seam of an asteroid, given "air scrubbers" to help them breathe, stuff that provides a nutritious goop, and some warmers so they can live. As in all prisoner stories, the strong overpower the weak, demanding the best places and heat and so forth. Will they survive their 11 year sentence?

The problem was the next bit, set somewhere else and in a very different tone. Diana's voice is just annoying and unlikeable: she's petulant, trying to be older/wiser/more important than she is and somehow fancies herself a detective. I didn't like that voice enough to continue to see if she actually was a detective of sorts, solving some mystery that wasn't really presented before I DNF'd the book.

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