15 October 2013

Sweet Thunder; Ivan Doig

Sweet Thunder: A NovelSweet Thunder by Ivan Doig
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I'll be honest, historical fiction set in the semi-Wild West isn't quite my thing. No gunslingers here, we're in the 20th century with Prohibition and mining strikes and newspapers being the tool of the Big Bad Company, which moved this up to a three-star. Morrie Morrigan, the star of previous Doig books, is back, this time as the "inheritor" of a mansion (except that he's inherited it from a living man who still stays in the house) and a new role as a semi-anonymous op-ed writer going after the Big Bad Mining Company. And.... action!

Many of us in the East haven't really learned about (or paid attention to) the mining wars, so this book was an interesting way to learn some of that history. My problem was that I didn't care as much as I possibly could have about Morrie, or Sandy Sandison, or the Robert Burns festival or the whole Chicago Black Sox problem (which may have played a role in the earlier book. The antics he employs to get away from his persecutors just didn't grab me, possibly because there was a little too much going on - take away the newspaper, or the Mob, or Sandy, or something. There was some short shrifting going on, which prevented this from moving beyond a three.

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