12 October 2013

What We Lost in the Dark; Jacquelyn Mitchard

What We Lost in the Dark (What We Saw at Night, #2)What We Lost in the Dark by Jacquelyn Mitchard
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Not bad as a sequel to What We Saw in the Dark and - even better (for me) - not set in a dystopia!

Juliet's death hasn't unhinged Allie, but it has driven a wedge between her and Rob because she's obsessed with trapping Garrett Tabor into either confessing or giving himself away. The emphasis on the XP and how Allie, Juliet and Rob couldn't go out during the day is lessened here (thankfully) as is their parkouring adventures. Instead we get deep diving, which of course leads to major clues and discoveries. There were moments when the action was a little over the top, dropping this from a solid four-star to a three.

Having said that, this series (guessing here, as the ending is final enough that it could be the end but there is enough of an opening that could also lead to another book) is one that I can see appealing to teens needing something more that romance and less than future worlds.

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