29 December 2013

All The Truth That's In Me; Julie Berry

All the Truth That's In MeAll the Truth That's In Me by Julie Berry
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The writing style is what made this such a good read: Judith's constant focus on Lucas, speaking to him (in her mind) as she narrates the events pre-her disappearance, her disappearance and re-entrey into Roswell Station's life, and the post-attack affect on everyone is all second person. It really works.

The story itself is rather simple, with life in a colonial-era village filled with religious fervor and structured society being disrupted by the disappearance of two girls, only one of whom comes back alive (but mutilated). Who kidnapped Judith? And why? She's shunned by her town and family, even more so after the settler's are attacked and she convinces the one person she knows can help to do just that. Then there are accusations of witchcraft, hidden truths coming out, etc.. Nothing really new there, but again, it's Judith's voice and the use of the second person that make this special.

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