29 December 2013

Chasing Shadows; Swati Avasthi

Chasing ShadowsChasing Shadows by Swati Avasthi
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The mix of graphic novel and text really worked for me (the cover carries out the same split between traditional and modern storytelling). As stories go, this one has few surprises but the characters are just a little different and that moved this from a three to a four star. That the story was ordinary and contained too many Weird Uses of capital Letters was a Problem for me, preventing this from being a five.

Three freerunning (which I think is another word for parkour) friends are on their way home from a session when twins Corey and Holly are shot, while Savriti just sits in her car stunned. Holly survives but her grief leads to some interesting places, namely a shadowland inhabited by Kortha, a snake-man creature who collects souls. Is she really dealing with Corey's death, or is she going mad, or both? Kortha is somewhat based on Hindu myths, which Sav has shared with Holly over the years both as story and in graphic novel form (hence the blend of forms throughout the text); he is, however, a complete creation of Holly's.

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