23 December 2013

Fangirl; Rainbow Rowell

FangirlFangirl by Rainbow Rowell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another book for which there is Much Love (Rowell's on a roll, it seems). And it's all understandable: realistic characters, situations that may not apply to the reader but probably apply to someone they know, etc. Adding to the mix here is the sibling who isn't as popular as the other, one who's more comfortable in a fictional world (my sister is much younger than I, but that would be us if were were twins!).

My quibble here is the Harry Potter-esque fanfic. Why? I get that there's a lot of fanfic about HP, just as there is for the Twilight series. I also get that there's a huge GLBTQ fanfic subculture. It's the blatant rip-off of HP that bothers me - it felt lazy. Why not create something very, very different? It's great that Cather's writing was so similar to the "original" and that her version of the eighth book is so popular but again, make it something different.

I also didn't buy the professor's argument against fanfic. Wide Sargasso Sea, anyone?

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