29 December 2013

Saints of the Shadow Bible; Ian Rankin

Saints of the Shadow BibleSaints of the Shadow Bible by Ian Rankin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

After a ton of YA, I treated myself to the newest Rebus for Christmas Eve reading - I knew exactly what I'd get and how enjoyable it'd be. I wasn't wrong at all. The latest installment in the Rebus saga doesn't disappoint, although there are those who miss the younger Rebus, the one not always on the right side of the line between his work and people like Ger Caffery.

As one suspected at the end of Standing in Another Man's Grave, Rebus does make it back onto the force at a lesser rank (DS, not DI) and he's ok with that. Of course there's some minor case that comes up... only Rebus suspects it's not minor, and of course he's right. DI Siobhan Clarke takes charge but luckily she knows enough to give Rebus some room. He also butts heads with DCI Page (much less of a presence here) but - and if you didn't see this coming, well... - his closest working relationship here is the Malcolm Fox, of the soon-to-be-closed Complaints. My guess? They'll be a defined team after this; Fox does grow on you, and it seems he's growing on Rebus.

The seedy underside of Edinburgh is less of a presence here, although we do go into a few of the divier bars and meet a number of shady characters. That's probably going to be the biggest complaint. Perhaps it's because Rebus is getting ever older, or perhaps it's because the city (like New York) is cleaning up? One character here actually says something about Rebus being an "old school" copper and how that's both good and bad. Just like Rebus.

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