01 December 2013

Sick; Tom Leveen

SickSick by Tom Leveen
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Thanks to the ALAN Big Box o'Books I got a copy of a book in a genre I wouldn't ordinarily have read: the zombie branch of the paranormal. The author even admitted that the hook was "Breakfast Club meets The Walking Dead" and well, I don't know the latter so I can't fully comment but the Breakfast Club? Not quite. There was that "people who wouldn't usually work together finding a way to cooperate" thing, but since it came during a real crisis it didn't have that Breakfast Club getting to know Others vibe.

The crisis is some sort of incredibly contagious virus that spreads quickly and via the sharing of bodily fluids (blood, mostly, via biting). Brian and Chad are the outcasts, not fitting in with really any group; Chad has a megacrush on Brian's sister Kenzie and Brian's broken-up with Laura (who suffers severe panic attacks), Kenzie's friend. Because they skip school - and the school assembly - they miss the outbreak and lockdown that kicks off the main action. Oh, and their school? A near prison with high fencing all around. There's no need to go further in describing the chaos that ensues, is there?

I don't know much about zombies, but I'm pretty sure they don't sparkle, and that they're supposed to be dead. So perhaps this isn't really about zombies? The disease/virus is pretty awful and the carnage is possibly a little too graphic for some readers. It also felt like Kenzie's having been ill before was an unnecessary addition; Laura's panic attacks did work but could have had more effect on things. Still, the strong male characters will appeal to readers.

ARC provided by publisher.

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