23 December 2013

The Darkest Path; Jeff Jirsch

The Darkest PathThe Darkest Path by Jeff Hirsch
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Passable dystopian fiction about a post-civil war US (not the Civil War, a Civil War) that splits the country between a religious South led by a man convinced he's the Righteous Leader and a North that, well, is the North. Which was one of my bigger problems with it: why is it the South is always the seat of religious fanaticism? Wouldn't it bave been more daring to flip it, to make the North the place (as it was back, say, during the Great Awakening and the days of the Burned Over District)?

Callum's attachment to his brother, to the idea that the only thing that matters is getting out, getting back to "home" is admirable. His brother, on the other hand, isn't quite so attached... any more. That conflict is what kept me from DNF'ing the book, not the constant battles and back-and-forth of which side was in charge of what territory or the love story.

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