31 January 2014

Enders; Lissa Price

Enders (Starters, #2)Enders by Lissa Price
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

A two-parter, not a trilogy, which is nice; a dystopian society, which isn't. If you haven't read Starters, Enders won't make sense at first - the world the author has built isn't explained in the second novel. Callie as heroine is a little implausible, too; at times she's extremely savvy, but more often she's naive about people and places. What happened to those mad street smart skills she had? And the whole "find the Old Man" scenario wore thin, particularly given the number of people who have some tie (his son) to him. It should have ended sooner.

My guess is that fans of the first book won't care about those problems.

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