03 January 2014

The Enchanted; Rene Denfeld

The Enchanted: A NovelThe Enchanted by Rene Denfeld
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

'The Enchanted' is a prison and most of our story takes place on death row, in the mind of a prisoner who occasionally seems to hallucinate. What did he do? It's never quite clear, although when others speak about it he's clearly done something horrific. The other main character is 'the lady', an investigator who tries to help those on death row get new trials, reprieves, whatever. She's there to investigate York's past - another prisoner convicted of horrific crimes. The lady, York and our narrator are all scarred in similar ways, by similar pasts. That intersection makes for a fascinating read.

Again, ignore the blurbs on this - there's nothing remotely Stephen King-ian here. This is a quieter horror, the horror born of what our inhumanity and indifference can do to people, of how prison is a punishment beyond imagining and how for some people, death is truly the answer. The book will unsettle you, not by being creepy but by the simplicity of its story.

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