23 February 2014

Ask Me; Kimberly Pauley

Ask MeAsk Me by Kimberly Pauley
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Readers who enjoyed Ella Enchanted will appreciate the "curse" (or "gift", you decide) that Aria is under: she must - absolutely must - answer any question she hears, even those not actually addressed to her. This leads to her being rather unpopular at school, and all she wants is to get her GED and hope that the gift ends when she's 17 (as it did with her mother). Then the most popular girl in school is killed and, well, you can imagine how Aria does with all the "whodunnit" questions flying around school.

That was the part I enjoyed and what kept me reading. The love triangle was less interesting and while I understood why it happened, I wish it hadn't. I also wonder if there's going to be a sequel, given that Aria is descended from the Sybils and by the end of the book, her gift is still going strong.

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