23 February 2014

Murder in Pigalle; Cara Black

Murder in PigalleMurder in Pigalle by Cara Black
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is my third Aimee Leduc mystery and the tics that bother me probably won't be enough to keep me from reading more (or reading the back episodes) but I will definitely have to space them out.

What tics? The over-explanation of the French phrases which leads to clunky writing, and the fashion comments. I think about writers who actually are French, or someone like Louise Penny writing about French-Canadians, or British mystery writers. They just use a phrase and assume that readers will know what it means or move on (it took me a while to understand why chalice was worse than merde but confusion didn't spoil my enjoyment of the Three Pines series). And after the first mention of Aimee's Tintin watch I got annoyed. Once was enough.

In this mystery the actual action seemed a little muted compared to the others I've read, with Aimee's pregnancy possibly leading to more caution? Or maybe there was more that got edited out? It felt a little jumpy and lacking a je ne sais quoi.

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