10 March 2014

Nightingale's Nest; Nikki Loftin

Nightingale's NestNightingale's Nest by Nikki Loftin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It's easy to see why there's so much love for this book; for me it was less about the magical realism and more about the power of regret. The fact that the poverty and the potential abuse weren't the most important parts made it just a little bit more powerful a read - it's the power that adults have over children, and the choices children make because of that power imbalance, that is front-and-center. Basing the story on Anderson's "The Nightingale" may lead readers to go back to that story and question how many people ask others to make similar choices/bad decisions.

I also appreciated the fact that the author didn't feel compelled to place this story in the past to avoid using modern technology. It's there, but lightly and doesn't play that large a role.

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