29 March 2014

Secrets and Lies; Jacqueline Green

Secrets and Lies (Truth or Dare, #2)Secrets and Lies by Jacqueline Green
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is one of those series that needs readers to have read the first book before embarking on the second because otherwise the start is just too confusing. Note: I was not one of those readers and had to keep flipping back to the very start to try to keep the characters separate.

There are some obvious questions to be answered here, like who is behind the Dares and who could possibly know all these secrets. The less obvious questions are why none of the girls doesn't just bite the bullet and go to their parents or the police. Yes, teens feel as though their secrets are that huge but in this case? After what happened in Book One, surely someone would have decided Enough. Beyond that, there are a few pacing problems, and it sometimes feels as though we're rushing from event to event.

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