29 March 2014

The Lost Mission; Allen Zadoff

The Lost Mission (Boy Nobody, #2)The Lost Mission by Allen Zadoff
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Rumor has it that the title of the first book is being changed, but Boy Nobody really works best in setting up the series and premise; this sequel is worthy of that start.

Here, BN has gone off the grid - stunned by his reaction to his last mission, he just needs time alone to think. Hah. Of course the Program can't allow that and soon Father has essentially kidnapped Boy and inserted him into another mission. Why "lost"? Because the previous Boy has vanished, and this is their attempt to figure out what happened and how. What didn't ring true to the series is that the Program gives up on Boy far too easily; my guess is that the existential angst he was going through at both ends of the book will continue. My preference would have been for a little more of these "Alias"-like missions, with the angst as a slow build.

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