29 March 2014

Those Who Wish Me Dead; Michael Kortya

Those Who Wish Me DeadThose Who Wish Me Dead by Michael Koryta
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Decent suspense novel, with a few twists and good action. The question of why this is an adult novel, not YA remains: yes, there's violence, but nothing so horrific that it couldn't be shown on tv. I'm not saying that adults won't read this story (where the main focus is a 13-year-old) but younger readers will also enjoy it an may not know about it because it'll be in the adult section.

There was also one of those "huh??" moments towards the end, not really connected to the book but to they way we think. The brothers (and I did enjoy their conversational style) are described as having emigrated from Australia "at the turn of the century". Usually, when I hear that phrase it's the start of the 20th century but here it's the start of the 21st. How long before that automatic association changes?

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