29 March 2014

Unlucky 13; James Patterson

Unlucky 13 (Women’s Murder Club, #13)Unlucky 13 by James Patterson
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Truth in authorship would say "From the factory of James Patterson" but I guess giving Maxine Paetro second billing is slightly better.

This is the first of the Women's Murder Club mysteries I've read and it's definitely going to be the last. The "club" is a group of four friends, a cop, a coronor, a DA and a reporter. So why were only two of them featured? The DA is off on a cruise - that entire subplot had nothing to do with the main mystery and could easily have been cut. The "featured" murder (belly bombs) had promise, yet the investigation didn't live up to that promise, while the "carry over" (a serial killer) had much more promise but was in some ways given short shrift. One or the other would have worked, or a longer more detailed book. But this? It was mystery lite (not a cozy, just lite).

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