29 March 2014

While We Run; Karen Healey

While We Run (When We Wake, #2)While We Run by Karen Healey
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A good continuation of When We Wake but again, somehow it just missed. This time we have a different POV, that of Abdi (the "thirdie" Teeg falls in love with in book one), which does help. What doesn't help is that at times I got serious Hunger Games-type flashbacks, particularly the tour the two are forced to do to promote the Ark Project. There are more action sequences here, less world and character building, and that doesn't help the book either.

Did I buy the world built? Sometimes. The lack of resources, the anti-immigrant stance, the desire to figure out how to solve those problems all made it feel real, as did the dichotomy between rich and poor. The technology of the 2100s didn't feel so far removed from what we have now, another sign of good world building. So if you loved the first book, this won't disappoint. But if you were hoping for something more...

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