20 April 2014

The Missing One; Lucy Atkins

The Missing OneThe Missing One by Lucy Atkins
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

My biggest gripe about this book? Why didn't Dad just tell Kali what was going on? Oh right: no book if that had happened. But it's that lack of communication that sets everything off, with Kali heading off to the US (from England) to hunt down her mother's past - with nearly tragic results. I'd say the author is going for a gothic feel but the setting and the action don't quite match.

What saves the book is the characters. While some (Susannah) are annoyingly stereotypical, others have depth that you don't quite realize until later. Kali's search, clearly born of grief over her loss and her possibly unfaithful husband, also felt real: who hasn't done something unexpected and stupid as a way of coping with a stressful situation?

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