18 May 2014

Six Feet Over It; Jennifer Longo

Six Feet Over ItSix Feet Over It by Jennifer Longo
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Leigh's family is dysfunctional: her sister, Kai, has recently finished chemotherapy and is "cured" from her cancer, and something convinced her father to move the family from their lives in Mendocino inland, caretakers/owners of a cemetery. Mom spends her time painting and ignoring the girls, and Dad seems incapable of doing anything so it falls to Leigh to see to sales, burials and arrangements. Fun, right?

Even though the wrapping seems outlandish, the fear that Leigh seems to feel about forming relationships and friendships, her resentment (and guilt) about her feelings towards Kai, and her acute sense of loss of her one true friend, Eleanor all rang true. That's what saved the book for me. Leigh's voice was strong and very real for me. Her reactions to Kai's recovery, Dario's involvment in her life, her parents and her situation felt like reactions I might have had, were I in her shoes.

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