31 May 2014

The League of Seven; Alan Gratz

The League of Seven (#1)The League of Seven by Alan Gratz
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Steampunk adventure perfect for middle grade readers looking for something like Percy Jackson but without the mythology. Instead of Hera and Zeus (and the other gods), we have a group of seven Heroes who arise every whenever, that "whenever" being when monsters - deadly, destructive monsters out to destroy civilization - rise and start doing their thing. These seven have certain attributes and have united many times over the millennia, and now it's time to do so again. This book only introduces us to three of them, in an alternate version of the world, so there will be sequels.

Usually steampunk bothers me, but not as much here. It added a nice overlay to the genre (random children with something special that fulfills a prophecy or need), and the way in which our world had changed was interesting.

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