07 June 2014

Illusive; Emily Lloyd-Jones

IllusiveIllusive by Emily Lloyd-Jones
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

In a future virtually destroyed by a virus, the cure has created a population of "immunes", people with superpowers. Some can levitate, others have great hearing, a few can control minds, and Ciere is an "illusive" (someone who can camouflage themselves and surroundings). That's one part of the plot, these immunes and their abilities. The other plot is essentially a heist caper, only the prize isn't quite what everyone thinks it is.

The good is that this isn't a huge dystopian story or one that has districts or groups that compete. The bad is that I'm not sure the blend of heist/superpowers is working as well as it could. Clearly this is the start of a series (no idea if there'll only be a sequel or it's a trilogy, but there is a cliffhanger ending... draw your own conclusions). I also wasn't impressed with the shift in POV, but again, perhaps that'll work itself out in the next book.

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