13 June 2014

Miss Montreal; Howard Shrier

Miss Montreal (Jonah Geller #4)Miss Montreal by Howard Shrier
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Because I've spent quite a bit of time in Montreal, it was fun seeing it through the author's eyes; Côte-Vertu is not an area I've explored and just might have to now. I also enjoyed the use of French (even when it was written as jouale) without an immediate translation (e.g. Cara Black's telling us that a pain au chocolat is a chocolate croissant).

So that's the good. The "meh" was the plot, which was relatively predictable, and the Spillane-eqsue writing style. For some reason, the style felt forced and awkward, which made it less easy to read. And as much as I like Boston and Chicago, the style alone is enough to keep me from reading others in this series. YMMV.

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