20 June 2014

The Children of Kings; Marion Zimmer Bradley

The Children of Kings (Darkover, #28)The Children of Kings by Marion Zimmer Bradley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I'm not going to comment on MZB's rather problematic life - that's not appropriate here. Instead I'll say that this was a good addition to a series I've enjoyed for years, predominantly since we spend a lot of time in the Dry Towns (an area barely explored before).

What I've missed all through this series was more about the different species, the Dry Towns and the mythology and how it developed. These people came from Earth, so where did the myths of Cassilda and Zandru's hells come from? My hope is that there will be more books that go into that, as the whole "the Federation has left, what's next?" theme is getting tired. There's more Darkover history to explore... I hope.

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