22 August 2014

Dreamwood; Heather Mackey

DreamwoodDreamwood by Heather Mackey
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Set in an imaginary part of the Pacific Northwest, Dreamwood is a new take on fantasy/adventure/ecological fiction. The affects of logging are talked about, but more as "we've now got a problem with Rust destroying the trees" rather than "logging is bad" - this gentler approach makes it easier to read the fantasy/adventure part because we're not being hit over the head with that message.

As fantasy goes, the idea of a nature god (or spirit?) that rules this peninsula, and who has become angry (or turned evil) was done well. There's a sense of menace, but as with all fantasy/adventures, if you follow the rules you'll manage to survive. Those times when the rules aren't followed it's clear that there will be Consequences.

If only there were more about the Lupine Indians. Maybe it's me, but that name seemed to evoke one thing and it never quite happened. As for the vaguely steampunk aspect of all the ghost equipment, that bothered me less than steampunk usually does.

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