22 August 2014

Her; Harriet Lane

HerHer by Harriet Lane
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Told from two points-of-view, Emma and Nina, Her definitely brings on the creepy, stalker vibe. Emma is a little on overwhelm with her son and pregnancy, and later a toddler and newborn - and of course she's given up her career for this. So when Nina enters her life seemingly by accident, she's too easily accepting and grateful. On the other hand, only we, the readers, get Nina's side and learn (slowly, very slowly) her motivations.

The slowness is both a good thing and a detriment: we need it to get fully creeped out by what Nina's doing and to understand the depth of her problem, but at the very end it isn't clear if Emma finally understands who and what Nina is and either faster pacing or another chapter might have served the ending better. Readers might start to reflect on their history a little, on the unconscious affect they've had on others... and hope there are no Nina's in their lives.

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