04 August 2014

Like No Other; Una LaMarche

Like No OtherLike No Other by Una LaMarche
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Well, definitely one for the #weneeddiversebooks lists - but is it a great book?  Not really.  It's predictable, despite being set in two worlds (that of Devorah's Chabad Lubovitch sect and that of the outsiders, in this case a West Indian-American boy named Jaxon).  The worlds collide in a Hurricane Sandy-like event when Devorah and Jaxon trapped in a hospital elevator and fall for each other. So far, so Romeo & Juliet.  For me, the only real question was about Devorah's real feelings for Jaxon: she feels that she's in love, but is it really him, or is it the allure of the Other, the frei life?  I did like that the author doesn't go out of her way to explain the Chabad rules and life, letting us learn either via Jaxon's eyes or contextually as Devorah's life unfolds.  Teens may enjoy the romance more, despite the predictability of it all.

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